Activities in Winter Park

Being situated in the heart of the Rocky Mountains means visitors to Winter Park will have a wide selection of activities they’ll want to look out for. The lush forests and shimmering mountain rivers give rise to a host of possibilities no matter the season. Explore the numerous backcountry trails on foot, bike, or by horse. Or just relax with a leisurely round of golf or a restful afternoon fishing on the lake. Wintertime fun is easy to find all over the mountain. To some in Winter Park, skiing and snowboarding is a religion, but you may also want to into the other exciting activities such as ice skating or snowcat tours.

There are so many thrilling activities in Winter Park, and it would shame to miss out. Here are a few of the many things you’ll want to check out during your stay:

Skiing and Snowboarding

The glistening peaks of the Rockies aren’t just great to look at, they also make for some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world. From guided tours to backcountry exploration, from snowshoeing to ski-cycling, find out what wintertime activities Winter Park has to offer.


Known to many as “Mountain Bike Capital, USA,” the surrounding hillsides of Winter Park are etched with over 600 miles of prime biking territory. Take a scenic trail ride through towering pines or cruise down an exhilarating jump course. Whatever your speed, there more than enough options to get your adrenaline flowing.


Get back to nature with a vigorous trek through Winter Park’s rugged alpine terrain. Numerous trails loop in and around the area, giving you an up-close look at the diverse wildlife of Colorado. Or take a ride up the chairlifts for a casual descent while you soak in the summertime atmosphere.


This is mountain golf at its best. Enjoy pristine fairways and immaculately groomed greens amid the scenic beauty of Grand County. And with five courses just minutes away from Winter Park, you’ll need at least a week to enjoy each diverse destination.


Raft down the Fraser River or wade into the shores of Lake Granby; with more water than any other region in the state, Grand County is sure to have that isolated setting where you can relax and cast off. Look into a guided tour to find the best places teeming with varieties of trout and salmon.

Horseback Riding

Take a step back into the Wild West and witness Colorado the way cowboys of old saw it. Short guided tours or full-day expeditions are a great way to experience the remote and tranquil grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. Carriage and hayride are ideal for large groups and families that just want to relax while they pass through the rolling countryside.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Get a bird's eye view of Winter Park from a hot air balloon during the summer months. A hot air balloon ride is a great way to take in Colorado's gorgeous scenery.

Other Activities

Browse from a selection of more unique and personalized activites in the area.