Who is Winter Park Destinations?

Winter Park Destinations is a vacation rental property provider and part of the Mountain Reservations network of vacation rental websites. Winter Park Destinations offers lodging for nightly, weekend, or weekly rentals with a wide variety of options including private homes, condos and ski in ski out properties. Not only do we book lodging, but we also offer full mountain vacation packages including ground and air transportation, lift tickets, ski rentals and all leisure-related activities. Whatever you want, we have it; we are the premier booking agent for all Winter Park-based vacations, offering efficient, personalized, expert service.

Why book with us?

We offer a variety of vacation lodging and service options—from individual lodging packages throughout Winter Park to bookings for shuttles, rental cars, ski passes and ski rentals. Our Winter Park Destination Experts will make planning your vacation easy and efficient.

  1. Complete Packages. You can book everything in one place with ease. We offer all mountain vacation package components, including flights, lodging, ground transportation, car rentals, lift tickets, ski and snowboard rentals, bike rentals, lessons, activities and more.
  2. Deep discounts. Thanks to our long-standing industry reputation, we're able to negotiate deep discounts on lodging and packages, which we pass on to our customers so you can save big!
  3. Local Expertise. Our Mountain Vacation Specialists have local knowledge in Lake Tahoe, and they can offer expert, personalized service in helping you choose the vacation you want. We offer real people with real answers.
  4. 28 Years Experience. In an industry where quality and knowledge counts, you want the people who know the field. Our professional Mountain Vacation Specialists average 28 years in the mountain travel industry. They know the best places to go and how to get you there. Our Lake Tahoe Specialists have years of experience that other booking agencies lack. We know what it takes to get you the best possible accommodations at the best available price.
  5. First-Class Customer Service. We believe in Lake Tahoe and we believe in helping you. These two factors add up to excellent customer service. At Lake Tahoe Destinations, our primary goal is to provide unforgettable Lake Tahoe vacations effortlessly and with ease.

Your vacation is an investment—in yourself, your family, your friends as well as your time. You can trust Winter Park Destinations and Mountain Reservations to value your investment. We have the experience, expertise and first-class customer service you deserve.